Maximizing Online Conversion for Gen Z Shoppers

Payment trends and shopping behaviors in young consumers

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As a mobile-first generation, Gen Z’s shopping habits are weighted heavily towards speed and convenience. In the next decade, this generation will have huge influence over global economics and culture. 

The world of online retail will be reshaped by Gen Z’s brand choices, payment preferences, and attitudes. As consumers, they are far less wary of emerging digital tools than other age groups. Equally, they are incredibly data security-savvy and trust that their personal information will be wholly protected.

In order to minimize cart abandonment and retain their custom, it’s important to understand the buying habits and preferred technologies that influence this cohort. 


What will you learn?

  • The traits, preferences, and key concerns of Gen Z shoppers
  • What Gen Z looks for in its favourite online retail brands
  • Which security features from your payments partner will generate loyalty with Gen Z
  • How to drive more sales and improve retention of Gen Z customers through your payment strategy