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Advanced AR Billing & Workflow

Your Portal, Your Way

Paya's integrated payment platform now operates as an advanced AR Billing & Workflow tool! Accept payments with card present, card not present, and electronic invoicing.

Click2Pay seamlessly connects to your ERP and payment portal with bi-directional, real-time invoicing and sales support.

  • Integrates with payment documents (Quotes, Sales Order, SO & AR Invoice)
  • Saves tokenized payment information for future use
  • Attaches and displays the original ERP document in PDF format

Fast & Secure

Click2Pay connects to your ERP with bi-directional data. This eliminated reconciliation and double-data entry. Many processes in Click2Pay can be automated to save labor and speed remit times.


PCI compliant process ensures that raw card data is never stored in your system/portal.

  • All card information is tokenized after end-user submits information.
  • Provides for both ACH and Credit Card payments
  • Anonymous Links for portal pay options,
  • Full or partial payments allowed for all document types

Other great features include:

  • Pay-by-Statement
  • Partial Payments
  • GL reconciliation
  • Dunning
  • Multi-channel payment acceptance
  • Prepayment Integration

Advanced Features

Paya developers built Click2Pay from the ground up based on your needs.  Every feature is integrated to reduce time and minimize the chance of errors.

Fee Recovery

Allows merchants to pass on any fee that the end-user wants to defer back to the purchaser including: Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer.

Parent/Child Invoicing

Create and maintain multiple smaller accounts through a single (parent) account. Advanced search tools help you manage each (child) account or rolled up into one single account.

ACH Acceptance and Automation

ACH payments save time and hassle because they can be automated, meaning you never have to wait for payment.​ The fees are also much lower relative to other methods.

Level 3 Processing

Click2Pay accepts Level 3 processing (Visa/Mastercard only when available using the required data) which is another great way to lower processing fees.

Tokenized Payment Info

Data tokenization mitigates the risks of data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and other cyberattacks by substituting sensitive information with tokens. These tokens are securely associated with the original data through a mapping system.

Past Due Priority

Single-click function for customers to easily pay past due balances first.

Pre-Authorizations on the Portal

The capability within the ERP to denote a Sales Order should process as a preauthorization in Click2Pay. Order is processed in Click2Pay as a PreAuthorization. The “Payment” is brought back to ERP as an authorization and requires capturing noted as PreAuth in payment screen (Allows only CC payment types)

Dynamic Discounting

Merchants can choose to set terms for payment dates for a reduced price on the goods and/or services purchased.


Brandable portal allows you to customize colors and add your logo

Brandable Customer Portal

  • Add your logo
  • Change colors to fit your brand
  • Customizable receipts
  • Customer view/pay for outstanding invoices, sales orders, or quotes

It can work as a complete customer portal or as a method for fast pay using anonymous links.

  • Generate anonymous links or customer login for payments
  • Generate customizable receipts from the portal
  • Allow customers to easily see outstanding invoices and pay from your merchant-branded portal.



The Click2Pay Interface is integrated directly into your ERP. It produces a link for you to email or post to the customer.

The link takes them to the hosted checkout where they can click the anonymous payment link or (if enabled) click the customer portal link.

The brandable customer portal (left) allows them to log into their account. The anonymous 'Quick Pay' screen (right) allows them to make a payment easily with no friction and no login.

For those who enter the customer portal, they have full access to their account and billing history.


AR Automation

Click2Pay has many features that can be automated to reduce time spent and protect against errors. And you never have to leave your ERP! Automation is truly a game-changer for accounts receivable.

Seamless Invoicing

  • Real-time portal updating of invoices and document syncing
  • Invoice balance sync between ERP and portal for changes/deletes
  • Multiple invoices can be selected for payment

Other Great AR Automation Features

  • GL reconciliation
  • Dunning
  • Multi-channel payment acceptance
  • Credit Memo, Debit Memo
  • Prepayment Integration
  • Pay by Statement

Features for our Next Release

  • Factoring
  • BNPL

ERP Integrations & Release Notes:

  • Sage 100
  • Acumatica
  • Quickbooks Online

Coming Soon:

  • Sage Intacct
  • Sage 300
  • Sage 50
  • Sage X3
Click2Pay Interface
Release Date:  06.30.23
Custom solution compatibility:
Acumatica 22r1 and above
Sage 100 2020 (6.20) and above

Enhancements & New Features

Reference Description
B2BERP-499 Notifications – Premium Suite functionality which provides notifications for received / changed / days to due / past due. Templates included.
B2BERP-732 Preauthorization for Sales Orders based on ERP configuration
B2BERP-733 Credit, Debit, PrePayment integration for Invoice transactions to provide all payments from ERP to Click2Pay
Additional Customer email for secondary receipt transmitting
B2BERP-933 Credits / Debits by Total to Pay


Reference Description
B2BERP-809 Click2Pay SurchargeRuleID is set to lowercase causing rules to be unavailable for Fee Recovery calculation
B2BERP-817 Click2Pay Inv Activity fields that are displayed – remove Fee Code
B2BERP-843 User created account restrictions
B2BERP-849 Merchant setup option – move from Merchant Platform
B2BERP-850 Customer settings for Partial Pay to move settings to Merchant Platform
B2BERP-867 DB write not happening which causes receipt issues and items not to process through C2P Properly
B2BERP-874 Missing receipt recapture
B2BERP-722 Issue with UAT when logged in as a Merchant Customer through Merchant – logging out dropped to a new login instead of back to the Admin or Merchant sid