Empowering new business innovation with payments 

How businesses are using payments to enhance customer experiences and open new markets

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Expert insight on capitalizing payment opportunities through technology

The post-pandemic era of connected payments emphasizes a need for flexible and scalable platforms, seamless integration, and smooth orchestration. That’s why innovative businesses now recognize payments as a crucial element in customer experience and business growth. 
Explore this study for key insight from 10 industry leaders from large global companies and fast-growing tech players worldwide. Find out how these payments leaders are capitalizing on new opportunities in the payment space. 

What you’ll learn:
  • How the payments landscape has changed, through the lens of global leaders  
  • Their strategic approach to adapting to these changes 
  • How to harness the power of payments for your own business growth 
  • Why payments are directly linked to customer experience 
  • How payments can help you grow in new markets while reducing costs 
  • Which payment trends are empowering merchants 
  • Questions to ask and actions to take when reflecting on your payment strategy  
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"From day one, payments have been a strategic factor; if we remove a popular payment method, we can even see a 30% drop in a month.” — Alex Tay, ZeusX

"We have chosen a multi-acquirer strategy to better satisfy (requirements), improve success rates and costs of transactions.” — Alexander Zhelonkin, Gett