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Secure, easy-to-use citizen engagement and payments 

Utility billing  |  Citations  |  Permitting   |  Inspections  |  Licensing  |  Tax payments  |  Parks & recreation

Nuvei offers simple, secure payment acceptance for any government agency or municipal service provider.

Based on over three decades of experience and with input from thousands of public officials, our solutions are uniquely able to meet the most demanding needs of government entities and service providers, offering innovative technologies and exceptional experiences to both clients and citizens.

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Excellence by the numbers

Serving over 3,000 government agencies


8 M+
Processing over 8 million government payments annually

Servicing over 30 states


$1 B+
Delivering over $1 billion in revenue to government clients


Secure, easy-to-use citizen engagement and payments platform provides solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. Working with government agencies and utility providers for more than 30 years, integrated utility payments from Nuvei simplify the entire payment acceptance process for public officials and ensure exceptional digital commerce experiences for the communities they serve.

Bill presentment to payment


Nuevi's premier utility billing solutions, UtilityConnect, increases electronic payment adoption, streamlines collections, and provides citizens with the tools and flexibility they've come to expect from a modern billing platform.

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Admin panel


Nuvei’s administrator solutions were designed with public officials top of mind. With a variety of payment management tools, our clients can quickly and easily accept payments, notify and alert citizens, view trends and insights, build custom reports, and reconcile payment deposits with ease.

Customer-centric focus


Nuvei Government Suite enables citizens to make payments at any time, from any device, and from just about anywhere. Our multilingual dashboard preferences and robust payment options, deepen relationships with your citizens to enhance the customer experience.

“We've had big growth in online payments, and we really do enjoy working with Nuvei.”


Sarah W. - Customer Service Manager

Hays Utility North Corporation


Innovative court payment solutions that deliver both simplicity and security to court officials, and exceptional commerce experiences for every citizen served. Nuvei's enhanced payment solution for courts and PDs, provides deep integrations that work seamlessly with existing case management software, and offers the flexibility to adapt to input from staff and existing court processes. Don’t change your process, change your processor.

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Designed for courts


Nuvei's enhanced courts and PD payment solution puts time back on the clock for court admins. With flexible integration options, Nuvei Government Suite has been a favorite among judges and clerks alike for over thirty years.

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Reconciled records


Nuvei Government Suite makes life easier for court officials, offering real-time reporting and automated payment posting, as well as detailed settlement reports that match your deposits to the penny. Nuvei understands the importance of accurate reconciliation, and we’ve got you covered.

Any payment, any time


Nuvei Government Suite enables defendants to make payments at any time, from any device, and from just about any place with access to the web. We make it easier and more convenient to make payments, ensuring that your court gets more of them and on time. 


Premier integration partners

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“Our finance director loves the reports and how easy it is to reconcile payments. Everything runs very smoothly with Nuvei.”


Court clerk, Lorena Municipal Court, Lorena, TX




Innovative municipality-wide citizen engagement and payments platform that provides simple, secure payments across your community while offering a consistent, easy-to-manage citizen experience. Simplifying payments for your city or municipality has never been easier. Nuvei Government Suite is fully-configurable, providing payment options that are tailored to the needs of each agency and agency employee, while delivering exceptional payment experiences for citizens.

Reporting simplified 


A single payments provider for all city functions not only means a consistent user experience for those served, but also an exceptional reporting experience for you. View and download payment reports from across your city in just a few simple clicks.

Any agency or function


Nuvei offers customizable payment solutions for a variety of municipal functions including tax collection, permitting, inspections, licensing, parks & recreation, and more.

Exceptional customer experiences


Nuvei Government Suite enables citizens to make payments from any device, at whatever time is most convenient for them. By providing multilingual dashboard preferences and a variety of payment options, our clients consistently collect more on-time payments.

Success stories with a difference

Hays Utility North Corp.


Regional water utility with 16 municipal and residential utility districts has partnered with Nuvei.



Cocoa Regional Water Utility

Cocoa, FL stays out of hot water with utility, thanks to Nuvei's payment services.


Crab Orchard Utility District

Water utility serving eastern Cumberland County, Tennessee, has partnered with Nuvei for electronic payments.


North Texas Municipal Court

Municipal court delivers verdict on its partnership with Nuvei: Efficient, convenient, and responsive.



Midwest Municipal Court


A Midwestern city sees stead volumes of traffic as one of the largest cities in its state.


Cedar Hill, TX Municipal Court

A partnership that paid off during the pandemic for the Cedar Hill, Teas Municipal Court.


“Changing our bill presentment was a game-changer in mitigating customer complaints. We couldn't have done it without Nuvei.”


Jessica D

Utility Support Manager, Cocoa Florida