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Sage 100 integrated payment processing

Sage recommended solutions

  • Fully-integrated with Sage 100 to update and save credit card information inside the ERP allowing for void and refund processing.
  • Integrated payments available in AR invoice, sales order, sales quotes, and sales invoices.
  • Multiple Sage 100 companies supported with multiple merchant IDs per company.
  • Advanced processing functionalities provided through Click2Pay system.
  • Achieve AR automation with Nuvei’s Click2Pay integrated payments system. Click2Pay provides customers with fast-pay anonymous links and the ability to manage their account with a brandable account portal.


Advanced AR billing & workflow

Your portal, your way

Nuvei's integrated payment platform now operates as an advanced AR billing & workflow tool. Accept payments with card present, card not present, and electronic invoicing.

Click2Pay seamlessly connects to your ERP and payment portal with bi-directional, real-time invoicing and sales support.

  • Integrates with payment documents (quotes, sales order, SO & AR invoice)
  • Saves tokenized payment information for future use
  • Attaches and displays the original ERP document in PDF format

Fast & secure

Click2Pay connects to your ERP with bi-directional data. This eliminates reconciliation and double-data entry. Many processes in Click2Pay can be automated to save labor and speed remit times.


Turn merchant transactions into monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

Nuvei’s Partner Revenue Share program means you earn monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from merchant transactions. Electronic payments are part of doing business. Nuvei can streamline the service and turn it into a new revenue stream for your business. 

With Nuvei’s integrated platform, you can monetize the automation we provide from single entry integrated payments complete with reconciliation. You help your customer while benefiting from recurring revenue on every transaction. 

Our partner managers work for YOU. They provide you with a single point of contact and you will work together to structure your revenue share program. Providing integrated payments strengthens your relationship with your current clients and can provide strong recurring revenue at the same time.

Why ACH reigns supreme for B2B commerce

  • Enable customers to pay with their choice of payment
  • Nuvei incorporates proprietary technology that minimizes the risk of accepting ACH & check (bad checks/fraud)
  • Non-sufficient fund items are automatically resubmitted to attempt collection
  • Fast funding time and improve cash flow
  • Online reporting of activity
  • Ensures NACHA and other regulatory requirements for processing

ACH specific (if integrated into your software or gateway)

  • Receive payment faster than accepting paper checks
  • Costs less than accepting credit cards
  • Accept ACH online, over the phone, or in person
  • Setup recurring payments
  • Process within your existing interface for efficiency
  • Reporting posts back into your software

Check specific (Check21)

  • Electronically process checks so you can "skip the trip to the bank" ...saves time and resources
  • Check imager connected to PC
  • OCR feature reads information from the check
  • User can input multiple custom fields or reporting/tracking
  • Optional "guarantee program" will cover NSF/bad checks


Sage 100 Level 3 credit card processing

Get the best rate with Nuvei's Sage 100 Level 3 integration

Capture the specific line item data integrated from Sage 100 in credit card transactions. 

These additional fields are required by VISA and Mastercard to achieve Level 3 credit card processing savings:

  • Merchant name
  • Merchant address
  • Invoice number
  • Tax amount
  • Item description
  • Quantity and unit of measure
  • Freight amount
  • Commodity and product codes


Accelerate cash flow

  • Enable faster payment cycles
  • Rapid batch processing, which provides next-day funding

EMV integration technology

Prevent fraud with EMV chip technology. Once commonplace, counterfeit fraud — in which a cardholder's information is collected, stored and reprinted on a different card — has declined sharply since EMV chip technology began to appear.

When you make a purchase via EMV card, the merchant never receives or transmits your actual card number. That makes it much more difficult for malicious actors to counterfeit your card.


Acumatica integrated credit card processing and PCI compliance

Nuvei's Acumatica integration adheres to PCI DSS requirements

With Nuvei's Acumatica credit processing solution, you can safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data during credit card transactions, to prevent fraud and theft.

Release Notes (02/22/23): Sage 100

Reference Description
493 Dynamic discounting
Integrated with Click2Pay portal. Terms codes with discounts are pushed to the portal for those discounts to be utilized.
612 Payment restriction by customer
Customer payment type restriction. Pushes to the Click2Pay portal to restrict usage of payment types by the end-user in the portal. This option does not have impact on stock Sage 100 functionality
627 Paperless Office C2P Form
Paperless Office C2P Forms. Merchant now has the capability to provide a Paperless email for non-C2P documents and a Paperless email for C2P documents. Solution is triggered on the UDF_C2PURL field population.
367 Realtime invoice & payment integration to C2P portal
Bi-directional invoice processing between Sage 100 & C2P portal
Payment real-time pull into Sage 100 with ability to manually update at will or schedule updating to cash receipts.
467 64 Bit Sage integration
Integration compatible with either 64bit or 32bit Sage configurations.
602 / 604 C2P integration removal by document
Provides for the capability to REMOVE the Sage 100 document from the portal from within the document. Clarifications to merchant are noted if a payment has been processed.
603 Customer document type selection
Merchant can restrict which document types can be utilized per customer for Click2Pay integration. Choosing invoice – sales orders – sales quotes to include / restrict.
628 Bank reconciliation integration for credit card & ACH postings through cash receipts
Stock Sage 100 functionality does not provide for credit card or ACH postings from cash receipts to post to bank Reconciliation. adjustment provides for bank reconciliation posting for these transactions.