Sage 300 Integrated Payment Processing

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Sage 300 Integrated Payment Processing

  • Natively integrated CC solution for Sage 300
  • Provides for tokenization and vault storage for tokenization reuse within Sage 300 this allows for further processing of voids/refunds.
  • Multiple companies supported with 1 MID per company

Sage 300 Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Reduce Credit Card Processing fees
Get the best rate with Paya's Sage 300 level 3 integration

Capture the specific line item data integrated from Acumatica in credit card transactions. 

These additional fields are required by VISA and Mastercard to achieve Level 3 credit card processing savings:

  • Merchant name
  • Merchant address
  • Invoice number
  • Tax Amount
  • Item description
  • Quantity and unit of measure
  • Freight amount
  • Commodity and product codes

Accelerate Cash Flow

  • Enable faster payment cycles
  • Rapid batch processing, which provides next-day funding

Sage 300 Integrated Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance

Paya's Sage 300 integration adheres to PCI DSS requirements

With Paya's Sage 300 credit processing solution, you can safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data during credit card transactions, to prevent fraud and theft.

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