Sage 50 Integrated Payments

Paya + Sage

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Sage 50 Integrated Payment Processing

  • Natively integrated CC solution for Sage 50
  • Provides for tokenization and vault storage for tokenization reuse within Sage 50
  • Takes CC, ACH
  • Fully integrated with Sage 50 to update/save credit card information back to Sage 50. This allows for further processing of voids/refunds
  • Multiple companies supported with 1 MID per company
  • E-invoicing integrate into software (utilizing a payment link)
  • "Pay Now" link syncs back to Sage 50

Why ACH reigns supreme for B2B Commerce

  • Enable customers to pay with their choice of payment
  • Paya incorporates proprietary technology that minimizes the risk of accepting ACH & Check (bad checks/fraud)
  • Non-Sufficient Fund items are automatically resubmitted to attempt collection
  • Fast funding time and improve cash flow
  • Online reporting of activity
  • Ensures NACHA and other regulatory requirements for processing

ACH Specific (if integrated into your software or gateway)

  • Receive payment faster than accepting paper checks
  • Cost less than accepting credit cards
  • Accept ACH online, over the phone, or in person
  • Setup recurring payments
  • Process within your existing interface for efficiency
  • Reporting posts back into your software

Check Specific (Check21)

  • Electronically process checks so you can "skip the trip to the bank" ...saves time and resources
  • Check imager connected to PC
  • OCR feature reads information from the check
  • User can input multiple custom fields or reporting/tracking
  • Optional "guarantee Program" will cover NSF/bad checks


Sage 50 Integrated Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance

Paya's Sage 50 integration adheres to PCI DSS requirements

With Paya's Sage 50 credit processing solution, you can safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data during credit card transactions, to prevent fraud and theft.

Accelerate Cash Flow

  • Enable faster payment cycles
  • Rapid batch processing, which provides next-day funding

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